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Bunker Burger

What makes a perfect burger? Well, to me, it must start with just the right bun. It must be fresh and warm yet sturdy enough to hold the contents of the burger. It must be followed by a slab of American and cheddar cheese; a garden-fresh slice of lettuce, the kind that makes a deep crunchy noise when you take a bite; a few slices of pickle, preferably cured in a brine for a few weeks; a squirt of full-fat mayonnaise; and finally, a juicy slab of beef (!) Oh, and don’t be shy to daub the meat with thick mushroom sauce and maybe even a few slices of those ‘shrooms. No ketchup, please!

Anything else, and I’m probably walking out of the burger joint with a frown on my face. And to be completely honest, this has been my remit for the past three months or so, during which time I have struggled to find the right burger joint for a late-evening dinner.

But, wait! I’m not here to whimper. I’m here to tell you about my recent burger venture, this week. The time is 9pm, and Y’s online editor, Nishad; his friend Praveen Divakar and I are on the lookout for a quick bite to eat. And that’s when we stumble upon the Bunker burger joint at the Al Masa Mall, in Shatti al Qurum.

The restaurant – or shall we say, eatery – like its name suggests, is designed to look like an army bunker… of course, with air conditioning and all that tchotchke.

We even have to sit at a small chair and table, but then I suppose our hardworking army brethren don’t particularly get to enjoy such luxuries.

Still, we slide into our spots and spend the next 10 minutes taking in our surroundings. Camo-coloured decor takes up most of the roof while there are barrels and other paraphernalia thrown in to give it that Bunker-esque vibe.

The waiter soon hands us our menus – a thick one-page slab. There are not many selections to go through, so Nishad and I opt for the Blackout burger and glass of Strawberry and Oreo shakes, respectively. Meanwhile, Praveen – who seems to be on a workout regiment – asks for a Gannas slider and a chocolate shake.

It doesn’t take long – perhaps only 10-odd minutes – for the food to arrive. Our Blackout burgers are the first to arrive, and we are both shocked by the presentation of it all. Looking at the platter, we would have first imagined being astounded by the small (and cute) army figurines that accompany the burger but the burger – with its black bun – is definitely the show-stopper.


Bunker Restaurant